Boa’ë the Treasure of the Ranch

The house is located on an old coral hill in our Naked Indian estate. Around there is a lot of nature and primary forest. There are no concrete walls, no fences or fences.

Special offer: $ 95 per night.

From the railing there is a view to pastures and stable, which is open, where you can go down to be with the horses, and even help to serve them.
At 100 meters, there is a house where the guard lives. There are also dogs that take care of the whole terrain.

The Boa’ë Cabin is special.

A system of panels or solar modules maintain 100% of the electrical flow without blackouts. Also the hot water and the well pump work with this medium, making it totally ecological.
The kitchen is fully equipped, open and with a view of nature. A wide railing with hammocks and a jacuzzi of last generation with capacity for four adults, make the stay comfortable, of maximum satisfaction.
A good option for:

Families with children

The Jacuzzi on the railing can be used for children in the day and when the night comes it is time for parents to enjoy it.
The terrace is wide, it is made so that children can play without problems.

For romantics

Feel like Tarzan and Jane in the 21st century:
Jacuzzi, sunsets, moonlit nights, candles around and a good cocktail in hand while listening to the sounds of the jungle. What else can you ask for? Ah! But if you want more, just turn off all the lights, you can enjoy a fireflies show of different sizes. A phenomenal experience, another world! (It is amazing all that one loses by having the light on!).
From the wide railing of the cabin Boa’ë you can see a spectacular view: gigantic trees where different varieties of birds, monkeys, iguanas and, luckily, the lazy divers live or travel. Also, the famous toucan, the largest, along with two other types of these birds that live there, can be seen in the mornings or afternoons.
From 7 am the staff of the farm is working. They are the ones who know where and when to look for wildlife to be observed.

Perfect location

Boa’ë Cabin is 5 minutes walk from the beach and 10 from Brigitte’s Ranch where the breakfast room is located. The road is spectacular! It is possible to see in that short time, more animals walking towards the beach than in a zoo. If you prefer, we get a taxi to the weakest ones.
In the area of ​​our Playa Negra you will find some options of restaurants, basic supply stores, and the coolest place of the night in Cahuita for dinner and then dance to the Caribbean rhythm, the Reggae Bar.
Being a little more than 15 minutes walk from the center of town, it is possible to visit the Cahuita National Park; one of the most beautiful nature reserves where, through its paths free of urban pollution, hundreds of species of animals are seen and even interact with visitors. There you can enjoy kilometers of coral white sand beaches
For us, the well-being of customers is a must.


Special offer: $95 per night.